Black Friday DEAL$$ for Podcasters

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Black Friday Podcast DEAL$$$

Hey, podcast fans! Happy Thanksgiving — hooray, hooray, hooray! This year, a number of podcast-related companies (hosting sites, music licensing websites, learning courses, and more) are offering DEALZ for Black Friday.

We want YOU to get the most out of #podsgiving, so we’ve put these bargains together for you, in the best way, #listform. Get that credit card out and get podcasting. No excuses now.

  1. Get Your Podcast Started: Virtual Summit

Starting at just $27, you’ll have access to all interviews and courses for a full year, workbooks, and to Facebook groups with speakers. Haven’t started your podcast yet? Now is the time.

2. Izotope: Hardware and Software

There are tons of deals available here. Whether you’re looking for hardware or software for creating and editing podcasts, these prices have been absolutely, positively slashed.

3. Podcast Advocate Network’s: T-Shirt Sale

It’s always fun to wear what you love. Grab a pod t-shirt and show it off!

4. EditorsKeys: Audio/Video Keyboards

There’s a bunch of good ole stuff available on this website: keyboards, microphones, Bluetooth speakers, and more.

5. Waves Sibilance: Including a Free New Plug-In

Looking for a plug-in to help your audio sound better? This is especially helpful if you don’t have the best microphone set-up. Here ya go!

6. American Musical Supply: Audio, Recording, and More

Everything hardware piece you can think of is riiiiiight here.

7. Optinmonster: Covert and Monetize Website Traffic

Have a website for your podcast that’s not getting much traction? Optimize it with these deals from Optinmonster.

8. Sony MDR-V6: Closed Back Stereo Studio Headphones

Studio-quality headphones and other pieces, just for you! And to get it… you go to B & H.

9. Memory Cards: SD and More

If you’ve been podcasting for a while, you’ve noticed that the files take up a bunch of space and you’ll need some outside storage. Grab that here.

10. Tascam: Portable Recorder

Do you record out in the field? Do you use your phone? No longer! Grab yourself a Tascam and you’ll have higher quality clips.

We’ll be adding to this list throughout the next few days.

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This article is a collaborative effort between EarBuds Podcast Collective, and Village Podcasting, with help from Podcasters’ Support Group.