Top 4 Ways to Support EarBuds (Even Without $)

So... you like EarBuds Podcast Collective? You enjoy receiving our weekly email that contains 5 podcast episodes on a dedicated theme. You enjoy discovering new audio content through our various social media channels. You've attended (or hope to attend) one of our live storytelling shows. And... You want to support us, BUT you just don't have the money right now. 


YOU CAN STILL HELP. Here are the top 4 ways to support EarBuds:

1. Like us and Review us on Facebook

Facebook boosts pages that have significant fan interaction. When a page receives likes, comments, shares, and other types of interaction, more people see that page. This helps us gain more followers and subscribers. You can like our page here and review us here


2. Sign your Friends Up!

Since we are a community-driven Listening Movement, we thrive when we have many minds contributing. So far, we've had more than 50 curators for our weekly emails, and the list continues to grow. We hope to hear from people all over the world who listen to all sorts of podcast/audio content. We can do that with your help! Send your pod-interested friends to this link and get them to sign up! Our weekly email IS and continues to be $FREE$.


3. Read and Share our Blogs

We just started blogging! We'll feature EarBuddies Spotlights, weekly episode write-ups, hot takes from podcast producers and hosts, and more! And we're looking for more EarBud contribution. Want to become a contributor, let us know. Find our blog here


4. Come to our Events!

We host storytelling shows on the theme of *listening* in cities throughout the U.S. and we want you to join us! You can become a storyteller or just watch the show. We also have a few events planned in Southern California in the coming months, and in New York later in the year. Find them here and get signed up to attend. Want us to come to your city to put on a show or a podcast discussion? Let us know! 


We want EarBuds to be accessible for everyone and we need your support to reach our goals. Thanks for being an EarBud! Keep on listening!


If you do want to support us monetarily, you can do so by becoming a member for just $5/month. This can be a recurring or a one-time donation.